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There’s nothing quite like seeing the expressions on your delegates faces when they walk into your live event. Companies in the UK and all over the world have been using Cascade for their live event production for decades, trusting us to make their visions a remarkable reality, and seeing the awe and recognition on audiences’ faces sums up everything you’ve worked towards.


You want your event to be unforgettable and leave its mark on your audience, whether that’s employees, collaborators or customers, and you can trust Cascade to manage every element of your live event production. Companies including global brands and household names have seen the very real impact a truly immersive live event can have.

A Live Events Company With Impact

Cascade Productions is a live events company with over two decades’ experience creating live experiences. We know you want your event to excite and delight your audience, and to have a meaningful impact too. We’re a full-service live events company that manages the early stages, when your event is just an idea, through to support on the day, as well as analytics afterwards. 


We work in a different way, finding out your objectives before anything else so we understand what you want your audience to think, know and feel as a result of your event. That means we ask you from the beginning what you want to achieve and then work with you to make sure that’s exactly what you get from your live event. Companies just like yours have put on live events to reward employees, showcase their products or activate their brands, and have seen the positive effects a live experience can have. To create this success we sit with our clients and work through formats, sessions and environments to deliver an end result that resonates with everyone.

Every Kind Of Live Event

We’re not a live events company that rests on our laurels. We will ask the awkward questions and get to the root of the event because we want to make it right and ensure it’s impact is long lasting. We know that every organisation or individual wants a transformative event that truly expresses who they are. We think creatively about every live event, proactively solving the unsolvable and helping businesses create outstanding experiences for their people.


When they come to Cascade for their live event, companies expect us to plan bespoke experiences that fit with their brand ethos and values. No matter the size and scale of the event, we apply our passion to every detail to create memorable live events, including:

  • Conferences

  • B2B Events

  • Awards Dinners

  • Roadshows

  • Fashion Shows

  • Galas

  • Fundraising

  • Experiential Events 

  • Networking & Communications

  • Live Music Events

  • Festivals

  • Presentations

  • Product Launches

  • Brand Activations

Your Live Event And Our Expertise

Our dedicated and hardworking team gets just as excited as you do about your live event. Companies contact us because they want us to make their lives easier and give them a groundbreaking live event they can be proud of. We make it our mission to rise to this challenge, taking a truly personal approach from the very first consultation.

We do not have a sales team and you won’t be handed over to an account manager. You will work with our live events company team on initial ideas and first drafts through to lining up the cutlery on the day. That means from Directors to the support team, we are all immersed in the detail every day that we are planning your event. We are producers at heart. To make sure we deliver a personal and outstanding live event, we: 

Find Out About Your Event - we’ll ask you every question we can think of to find out your story, why you exist and what you want to achieve with your live event

Refine Ideas - once we know exactly who you are, we’ll start devising concepts and drafting plans for your live event. Companies come to us with a clear vision or with a completely blank canvas for us to either refine existing ideas or design a live experience from scratch

Make Things Happen - we take care of your event and you, organising the practical elements of your live event, from talent management and venue dressing to sourcing caterers and designing stage production. It’s our job to make yours easier

Test - any good live event company knows that an event is never fully ready until you’ve tested every element again and again. We’ll check all audio-visual equipment, organise rehearsals and ensure there are no unforeseen issues during your event. We plan for what could go wrong because things can, and it’s our job to think of everything, without you even knowing.

Stay Close By - when it’s time for the main event, your Cascade Productions team will be close by at all times, supporting you through the big moments and the small ones for a phenomenal event that everyone will remember

Live Events Not To Be Missed 

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