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The virtual conference was always intended to be live, but in 2018 the Beast from the East stopped delegates from attending. Our plan was always to livestream the event, but we quickly made the entire experience virtual for all delegates.   



Set at Heythrop Park, 400 delegates were due for a two day conference including the Director-General, Hilary McGrady. 

We were initially commissioned to produce and design the conference in collaboration with the National Trust and enhance the audience to their wider communities through our livestream platform. 

2 days before the event we decided to bolster our livestream offering by including additional cameras, sound, lighting, remote units and additional vision mixers in the event of travel complications due to the impending weather. 


As anticipated there were considerable travel complications for the delegates and we lost 80% of our audience including some of the key speakers and the Director-General. 

We continued to produce the event as we intended with the speakers onsite. For those not onsite we connected webcams to our remote studio to enable vital presentations to still take place, albeit from the comfort of the presenters home.  We supported remote presenters with technical advice, as well as sound and lighting support. 

Online delegates were broken into remote groups and were able to attend sessions virtually, as well as having live conversations online about the content delivered. 

During registration we had a estimated live audience of 300 and a remote audience of 100 delegates. Due to the increased livestream capacity and enhanced marketing of the event (due to the weather) we reached an audience of almost 2,500 which included 400 conversation impressions. 

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