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A milestone birthday celebration needed an epic setting. The client wanted to take guests to her favourite spot in Spain but instead of flying the guests out we decided to bring Orange Square in Marbella to the UK. 

DSC_7450 (1).jpg


With such a high number of guests invited to the birthday party, we designed and installed Orange Square in a marquee. 

Prior to conception we visited Marbella to collate vital research that would mirror the location. We spent time understanding colours, architecture, smells, people, florals, food, drink, design and material that all made Orange Square unique. 

Bringing back our findings to the UK, we began designing the marquee to suit the location and the guests. 

One of the most vital parts of the event was when the guest walked in, she immediately felt as though she was in Orange Square. In order to do so, we flew in the maitre d' from her favourite restaurant, to welcome guests upon arrival. 

DSC_7417 (1).jpg

Authentic drinks and canapes were served tapas style with guests being able to choose their menu, just as they would in a restaurant - no pre-orders were taken. 

Choreographed fireworks were designed to match the pace and character of a bespoke poem that was read live to the guests. We designed a clear marquee so guests did not have to leave the comfort of their surroundings to enjoy the spectacle. 

In addition we commissioned a live acoustic band, tribute band, live impersonator and DJ. 

The evening was finished in the Mediterranean lounge mirroring that of a Spanish club. 

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