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thinking differently 


We think differently about common organisational needs.

You are probably wanting to connect to, engage with or reward a lot of people - maybe your customers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders - anyone!


We can help you to discover the most effective way to do it. We can help with the messaging, the branding, amazing event experiences, film making - all the actions you need to make it happen for you.

We’ve been doing it for decades and we are good at it.


we're an experienced team of dedicated and loyal event producers, who really care about what we do and how well it works. 


This is a family owned and run business, with a very flat management structure where everyone has a voice and is able to contribute.


Cascade Productions was founded in 1996, Manchester, and from small beginnings it has grown organically and successfully in the decades since. 

Our role is to produce conferences and events for our clients. 

First and foremost we are in business and that means we aim to make a profit, because we are profitable we are able to do some good too. But the way we do business and its impact on the world around us is important. So, in partnership with our clients, we are actively trying to change the way we produce events across the following; 

1. Sustainable Transport Planning

2. No single use plastics

3. Minimise materials destined for land-fill 

4. Favour sustainable venues

5. Actively reduce food waste

6. Minimise power requirements

7. Encourage the use of hub and spoke hybrid events

8. Source locally

9. Give something back (we want to plant 1,000,000 trees in the next 5 years in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects )

We are also proud to be one of the first companies accredited by the Good Business Charter, reinforcing how we further reduce our environmental impact and take care of our planet and people. 

award winning  


Not just another event production company.

We are problem solvers, conscience of your audience and provide candour. 

We provide creative thinking solutions.

We deliver connected and complete experiences.

We are people who know what to and how to do it

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