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Employee Engagement Events

Employee engagement events connect your workforce with your business and each other. A rewarding working environment means more than free teabags and the occasional work night out.

Employee experience events demonstrate how valued your employees really are. At Cascade Productions, we dig deep into the emotional needs of your workforce and then design and produce corporate events for employees that reinvigorate and revitalise.

Energising Employee Engagement Events 

Creating and defining a company culture starts at the top. Employee engagement events boost the employee experience which, in turn, boosts your business. An employee experience event will achieve multiple outcomes, including:


  • Increased workforce productivity through boosted morale

  • Higher staff retention

  • More sales due to more engaged employees

  • Business growth

  • Brand value owing to a positive company culture

  • Improved efficiency from colleagues who feel valued and rewarded

  • A positive and happy working environment for all

Employee engagement events help to implement agile working environments and encourage communication, reward and collaboration. Telling your corporate story through stimulating events results in staff feeling energised, and companies enjoying the best possible business outcomes.

The Right Kind Of Corporate Events For Employees

Choosing the right kind of employee experience event is key to its success. We get to the bones of your business to understand the key outcomes you expect and the kind of event that would achieve these outcomes. We’ll help with early stage planning, logistics and overseeing the event itself. We work with every kind of business, from large corporate chains, SMEs and sole traders, producing employee engagement events including:

  • Recognition events

  • Parties

  • Dinners

  • Awards Ceremonies

  • Conferences

  • Activation Events

  • Team Building Activities

  • Workshops

  • Away Days & Excursions

  • Panel Discussions

Hybrid & Virtual Employee Experience Events

With flexible, hybrid and remote working now the norm, corporate events for employees can now come in any shape, size and form. It’s an exciting time to plan your next employee experience event. Whether you’re looking at classic in-person conferences and events, or want to take a hybrid approach, we can facilitate the perfect occasion. 

We’ll work with you to make on-site events interactive and motivating, or source the perfect location for an out-of-office or hybrid event. We also produce virtual experiences that bring an entire workforce together from the comfort of their own homes or regional offices. There are countless options when it comes to planning employee engagement events.

Memorable Employee Engagement Events

With Cascade Productions, you’ll get a bespoke experience led by a personal team. The people you talk to about your event are the people who will craft it and be there to make sure it all runs smoothly. We want to guarantee that your individual employee experience event will be memorable for everyone involved, which is why the team you meet when you first get us on board is the team that will stick with you for the entire event.

See for yourself some of our unforgettable corporate events for employees:

virtual event agency

Culture Consistency - connecting an office of 600 employees

Iceland Foods Agile Event

Agile Working - 50th Anniversary

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