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To design and produce an immersive evening event sponsored by Microsoft for GAME Retail, with 400 GAME store managers attending from across the UK and Ireland

game2015microsoft597 (1).jpg


The chosen venue embodied the look and feel of Halo 5 to give an all immersive feel to the evening. With the addition of technical backup, dressing and theming, a gritty atmosphere was successfully created, absorbing delegates into a world of gaming. 


The evening began with the outdoor arena drenched in Halo style lighting, smoke and fire burners were also utilised to recreate the opening scenes of the game.


Upon entering the arena, delegates were given the option of dining from various street-food vendors, ranging from award winning burgers to pizza cooked fresh from mini coopers!

game2015microsoft635 (1).jpg

Guests were then invited into the adjacent warehouse where the main stage was rigged for head-to-head gaming. The mezzanine was home to a green screen with authentic Halo 5 props and a live interactive DJ session took place.

Additionally we created two spaces on the terrace; a silent disco with two channels playing both 80’s and 90’s music with some Halo 5 soundtracks thrown in and a dessert area where delegates could help themselves to late night treats.

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