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To design and produce the annual conference for all 1,300 Store Managers across UK and Ireland. 

Given that this is an annual event, every year we aimed to engage and interact with the delegates in a different way in order for them to enhance sales and perform at the highest level for Christmas and beyond. 

irish band rehearsal_1295 copy.jpg


With customer service as the key message of the conference, we needed to ensure the delegates also experienced great service throughout the event – so we proposed Dublin as the location because of its great craic! The formal sessions were held at the CCD Convention Centre over two days.

On Day 1 keynote sessions were held in the auditorium and the staging for each changed using lighting, video projection and an LED backdrop.

On Day 2 the stage was reset into a corporate formation suitable for business updates. A team challenge followed which saw all the delegates heading into the city centre to undergo various tasks.

All the ambassadors_1043.jpg

The evening continued the theme with a gala dinner at the CCD. The evening commenced with a grey lit room, rain sound effects and catering staff holding umbrellas. During dinner, the lighting changed with each course.

Following dinner dancers arrived on stage, supported by drummers before the audience were given their own drums and encouraged to join in! The party band provided accompaniment before taking over with their live set to take the evening on into the early hours.

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