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Conference Event Planning Company

We are a conference event planning company dedicated to creating memorable conferences for brands and businesses all over the world. With our proven track record as one of Manchester’s best conference and events companies, we design seamless experiences that connect, motivate and inspire. 


While some conference event management companies hand you over to an account manager, our dedicated and expert team plan and execute your event, and communicate with you themselves throughout the whole process. The people working on your conference are the people who you’ll speak to and collaborate with. Our conference event planning company can support you with initial ideas and location sourcing, through to managing the day itself and ensuring everything runs smoothly. 


Organising a conference can be daunting; you want your event to engage the attendees and achieve a desired outcome. Let us take the guesswork out of your next conference, handling every element for an incredible and impactful event.

From Concept To Conference

There’s a lot that goes into a successful conference, and it usually starts with raw ideas that get turned into tangible realities. We’re a conference event planning company that takes care of every aspect of your event, from the early discussion stage right through to monitoring and reporting results. 


You might think conference event management companies simply help you organise and arrange running orders or source venues. At Cascade Productions, we create entire events that communicate and energise delegates, reinforcing your company’s key messages and achieving your goals. To do this, we:


Help with initial concepts and ideas - during the early planning stage, we’ll find out what you want to get out of your conference and then work with you to craft a cohesive and individual event

Source appropriate venues - thanks to our extensive experience as one of Manchester’s foremost conference and events companies, we can put you in touch with a range of venues of any size to suit your event and your audience


Organise agendas and running orders - no matter if your event is a simple conference format or includes keynote speakers, experiential experiences or Q&As, we’ll advise on an efficient running order that will hold your attendees’ attention


Support with speakers and guests - if your conference would benefit from industry speakers or special guests, the contacts we have built up during our time as a conference event planning company mean we can find the perfect person and liaise with them on your behalf


Plan the logistics - we’ll handle the little details, such as registration, badge printing, transportation and catering staff


Provide equipment - whether it’s props, audio equipment or visuals, we support with sourcing state-of-the-art equipment and getting it to the venue ready for the big day 


Stay with you for the duration of your event - to make your conference a stress-free experience, we’ll be there on the day to make sure everything is running smoothly, all equipment is in working order and your delegates are happy

One Event. One Experience

Conference and event companies worth their salt know that, nowadays, a conference can mean almost anything. Creating a conference or event that’s true to your business and achieves your goals is what matters most. Your conference might be intended to bring employees together and boost the employee experience, or to tell potential investors your story


Whatever your intentions, your conference can take many forms. As a conference event company with our finger on the pulse, we have brought to life in-person conferences, online conferences and merged the two to create hybrid experiences


The capacity to make your conference anything you want it to be and to reach audiences in every kind of medium is what sets us apart from many other conference event companies.

Conference Event Filming

As well as the planning and management of your conference, we are leaders in the audio-visual event industry, creating breathtaking cinematic style videos that audiences love. Elevate your conference with video and film, or have your entire conference filmed and edited to be used to further market your brand after the event. This could take the form of internal communications as a memento of the day, promotional materials for potential clients or content for social media campaigns. 

Our conference event planning company can help you to leverage the power of your conference so that your efforts reap rewards on the day and long after.

A Conference Event Planning Company In Action

A small selection of the successful conferences we’ve created for our clients:

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