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We provided technical support for Google, during an agency takeover day. The client required a robust system to present multiple presentations, product demonstrations and breakout sessions that would be livestreamed to a remote audience.



We developed an event that enabled Google to present the most up to date digital information to the client.

We created a multi-screen and multi-HD camera set up to cover each presentation which enabled us to Livestream to numerous UK sites including Leeds, Newcastle, London and Edinburgh.

We created a comprehensive sound set up to cover each presenter as well as video playback. The sound is integral to any stream, but was of particularly importance because we were producing numerous sound link ups with Google Chrome devices to enable voice assistant product demonstrations.

DSCF2567 (1).jpg

At the end of the presentations we produced a question and answer session with a panel of five presenters. Our Livestream solution enabled remote attendees to send questions and comments via our platform that were moderated and fed to the panel.

The Livestream feed also allowed us to embed our code across multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook and any other social sites that the viewers were sued to using, alternatively we led them to the custom branded site we created especially for the event.

Through our Livestream analytics we were able to analyse the data gathered from the event. Including comments, what devices were used, total views, unique views, average time watched and total minutes viewed.

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