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We were one of the first event agencies to design and produce hybrid events, with our first in 2010. Since then we have gathered in-person audiences and streamed live content for hundreds of hybrid events.

A hybrid event is the perfect synergy between face-to-face events and online virtual experiences, allowing brands and businesses to connect with a scale of audience they might not have been able to previously, and with a significantly lower environmental impact. Hybrid events combine the power of in-person connection with the scope of online reach. It’s a single event for a shared goal on an all-inclusive scale.

Collaborative Hybrid Events

A hybrid event is a collaboration between those experiencing the event in real life and those watching from other locations. This could mean reaching multiple sites if you are a multinational business or engaging with office based and remote workers at the same time. It is not merely an in-person event that is live streamed or recorded, but a genuine interaction between everyone involved. Without engagement, the purpose and the outcome of your hybrid event doesn’t matter. Collaborative hybrid events bring everyone into the mix, allowing them to interact with the event and come away feeling educated, motivated and entertained.

This is always our focus with our hybrid events; to develop an agenda and content that engages the whole audience, and that bolsters the employee experience long after the day.

Your Hybrid Event

At the beginning of the hybrid event production process, our planners will ask what your desired outcomes are. This helps us to define the purpose of your hybrid event so that we can create a bespoke experience that fulfils those goals. Whether it’s rewarding your workforce, inspiring leadership or reaching new audiences, the type of hybrid event that works will look a little different for every business. Here’s just a few of the hybrid events we bring to fruition:

  • Trade Shows

  • Focus Groups

  • Sales Meetings

  • Conferences

  • Product Demonstrations

  • Town Hall Meetings

  • Team Bonding Events

  • Webinars

  • Awards Evenings

  • New Launches

Hybrid Event Production

Planning a hybrid event takes precision and expertise. You are reaching two types of participants and want each to feel equally valued. Our hybrid event production team manages the entire event, from raw ideas to an on-the-day thumbs up. Every task is important when designing outstanding hybrid events. We will support you with: 

  • Initial creative ideas

  • Agenda development for live and virtual audiences

  • Technical platform and connection between live and virtual events

  • Presenter and speaker management, both live and virtual

  • Location sourcing 

  • Content

  • Time-zone considerations

  • All online elements

  • Audio visual support for the live event and connections to the virtual platform

  • Sponsorship and budgets

  • Analytics during and after the event

  • Live and virtual expos

  • Team building

Hybrid Events That Leave Everyone Happy 

No two hybrid events are the same. At Cascade Productions we produce hybrid events that are personal to your brand or business. We’ll help you plot the perfect time frames to keep delegates engaged, create exciting visuals that capture attention and produce corporate storytelling that uplifts. Hybrid events are a cost effective solution that can increase audience attendance, deliver a solid ROI, reduce carbon footprint, and have measurable outcomes that can be assessed and analysed. Cascade Productions delivers all of that to give you hybrid events that make everyone happy. 

Take a look at some of our past hybrid events and how they garnered real results.

virtual event agency

Our first hybrid event in 2010, connecting an office of 600 employees

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