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We created an produced a hybrid event that celebrated the business through teamwork and staff participation across mulitple sites in the UK. 



Each site needed to have the same experience, as they were unable to come together as one group. We needed to create inclusivity in order to leave the employees engaged and empowered demonstrating their importance within the business. 

Working alongside the client, we wanted to create an event that demonstrated fantastic customer service as well as staff engagement.


To do this we created multiple layers to the event including an employee engagement activity, awards celebration and a multi-site livestream across the country to connect each region, underpinning the key factors of agile working; people, processes, connectivity, technology, time and place - experienced together.


To reinforce the culture of the business we wanted to demonstrate the existing processes but in an effective and thought provoking way.


We used existing video footage combined with new material, to show the process of the organisation from an initial order being placed through to the delivery to the customer. From this we created an adult style colouring book, ready to be coloured in by staff.

We sent individual images to each office that every employee had the chance to colour and be a part of. 


Once completed all staff were asked to send their completed images back to us where we would begin the animation process detailing their processes in a digital way, to embed within their internal channels and throughout the multi-site event.  

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