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The Last Decade of Trends: Legislation Changes

GDPR and Privacy

The Last Decade of Trends: Data Protection

It is too soon to really assess the long-term effect of GDPR on events. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook, Google and other big tech companies are all wrestling with maximising their data use at the same time as providing visibility over the use of personal data.

In the event world, it has fundamentally changed the way we ask for information, the information we are able to collect, how we store it and for how long and how we access it if challenged. Photography and video at events are particularly affected, with consent a real challenge.

Overwhelmingly, the publicity surrounding the GDPR legislation launch has meant that audiences are very aware of their right to privacy and it is our job to protect that. Tour Operators Margin Scheme (TOMS) This EU legislation was changed in 2014 to include business travel and events. It has meant a big change in the way that VAT is accounted for and charged on all conferences and events involving travel in some form. Post Brexit it is likely that TOMS will continue in something close to its current form due to the need to access the European market. We will have to wait and see (and hope for simplification!). 


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