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Good Business Charter

The Good Business Charter provides a simple accreditation over 10 components covering employees, the environment, suppliers, customers and taxation. Accredited Members must commit to all 10 components to achieve accreditation. The Charter enables consumers and businesses to identify those organisations who demonstrate responsible capitalism and to publicly acknowledge those companies who exhibit such behaviour.

We are pr

Good Business Charter

oud to be one of the first companies accredited by the Good Business Charter. It is good business to make a profit but it should be good business to be good too. Many of the components of the Good Business Charter have been core to our ways of working for years which is not always easy when we are producing conference and events throughout the UK and beyond…

The availability of a register of GBC accredited businesses will make it easier to find like-minded companies in our supply chain and further improve the way we work, take care of people and further reduce our environmental impact. Here is a list of some of the early accredited companies.


All of our employees are paid above the Real Living Wage. We have committed to contacting the Living Wage Foundation within three months in order to understand how we can support the Real Living Wage in our supply chain, particularly in the hospitality sector.


Within the events industry, in particular, it is extremely important to have a fair approach to zero hours contracts, including fair shift scheduling and cancellation policies. We do not operate any zero hour contracts and we commit to minimum hours with contract and freelance workers.


We promote access to impartial support and advice for employees with physical and mental health needs. We take particular care in our project scheduling to assess the wellbeing of our team on individual projects and cumulatively over busy periods. We provide private health care as a benefit which includes access to wellbeing services.


We circulate an annual employee satisfaction survey to which the results are seen by everyone and reviewed by the board. Alongside this we create a forum where every employee can have an input and if there are any issues these can be escalated to a senior manager.


We assign time and money, as is reasonably required, to making our business an inclusive place to work and take steps to increase participation from underrepresented groups at all levels. As part of our annual employee survey we ask our employees if they feel it is an inclusive workplace as well as having a zero tolerance policy to prevent harassment or victimisation in the workplace.


Sustainability and environmental responsibility is at the forefront of our business, we are committed to reducing environmental impact across all our events in particular working towards delivering plastic free events (single use) in 2020 and our continued partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project to plant 10 trees for every delegate we manage.


We are committed to paying our taxes every year and commit to being transparent in our relationship with HMRC.


We are transparent with our customers and honour our commitments in a fair and honest way. We work in collaboration with all of our clients to achieve the best outcome for their event, we relish all client feedback and are constantly reviewing our ways of working to become an ever evolving business.


We follow the standards set out in the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code for sourcing through a process of continuous due diligence.


We abide by the Prompt Payment Code and ensure we pay all our suppliers within 60 days. We have a more proactive approach to freelance and self employed and aim to pay within 15 days.


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