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iProspect were joined with partners Google, Amazon and Sky to explore the emerging trends that drive business performance in the digital economy. We created an online event with actionable insights to inspire business growth strategy.



Given the nature of the content our aim was to stream from a unique venue that mirrored the digital economy and our connection with mobile and digital media. 

We matched a unique data centre with an auditorium that was aligned with the content and overall feel for the narrative of the day. 

Multiple cameras were set up and connected to our streaming homepage. Given the breadth of audience who were viewing, we embedded the homepage into various platforms including Facebook Live, so it was easily accessible to all the audience - engaging with the audience and making their experience as simple as possible was at the heart of the event. 


67% of registrants were converted into attendees that included both clients and prospective clients with 84% of delegates at a managerial level or above. 

The event was aimed at a variety of sectors to increase audience reach and ultimately enhance business growth; these sectors included retail, financial services, travel & leisure and automotive. 

The audience reach would not have been possible without streaming the event and opening it up to a much broader online audience - we analysed this data through our post event strategy highlighting viewing figures, unique views, what devices were used, average time watched and audience comments. 

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