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To provide a more engaging and personal company update within the Iceland Head Office.

Traditionally, company updates are usually sent via email or via the company intranet, so creating something a little more engaging and coming straight from the leadership was key.

Iceland Exec Live2.JPG


With budget being kept in mind, we needed a way to address the full office of 800 people at the same time. The presentation was only going to be 30 minutes long, and with it not being possible to have the full 800 people together in one place, we put forward our Livestream Platform.

We transformed an area of the onsite restaurant to mimic a TV studio, we set up a stage and a couple of cameras to Livestream throughout the building. Location was key here, we felt it was important to film in a space that was familiar to all.


All the Iceland staff were then either invited into the meeting rooms or personally sent the livestream link to be able to watch the company update live. Different camera angles were used to create a more professional feel and we also fed in the content slides for them to clearly see. A variety or slides and videos was used.

The whole update was recorded and cascaded out to everyone who was unable to watch live.

With it being a great success with the staff, and the live company updates now happen 4 times a year.

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