We created, without a venue and supported with our livestream and full camera production, one main head office conference with 600 employees 

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All of the Iceland office attendees were invited to the conference but on the day they arrived at head office there was no marquee erected and no coaches to take them offsite.

Instead they found a branded cardboard box on their desk. Each box was colour coded and at the conference start time, colour coded cheerleaders made their way around the building, collecting their delegates (with their boxes) as they went; with music playing over the tannoy.

After a few minutes everyone was on the move. Each cheerleader lead their followers to a predesignated area where giant screens had been erected - these were in the reception area, the canteen, large open spaces and the bigger conference rooms. 

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The delegates were asked to sit on their (reinforced specialist boxes). The Directors joined them, one or two in each of the 5 areas. Each area was connected via a control room with cameras and crew able to link every room to every other. The Directors could talk to each other and be heard everywhere.

The largest engagement came from videos created by the departments. In advance of the conference, each department (11 in total), were given a brief - ‘to present their department to the business’. For each departmental team, we provided a ‘surgery’ planning session with a video producer and later, a half day of filming with a professional crew then one day of editing.

The finished films were premiered throughout the conference. They built huge anticipation and enjoyment throughout.


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