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Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation team up with the UK Sepsis Trust and Ambassador Jason Watkins to deliver the message "Just ask: Could it be Sepsis?"

Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation (IFCF) are the charitable trust of retailer Iceland Foods and The Food Warehouse. Amongst the charities that the IFCF raise money for is the UK Sepsis Trust, whose goal is to end preventable deaths from sepsis and improve outcomes for sepsis survivors.

World Sepsis Day lands every September and to celebrate this, IFCF were keen to support their partner UK Sepsis Trust's ongoing efforts to raise awareness about sepsis. As part of their ongoing Sepsis Savvy campaign, Iceland planned to attached special labels to milk cartons with awareness messages, as well as leaflet drops in each of their home delivery grocery bags. Delivery vans were also covered in new livery to get the message far and wide across the UK.


The charity has been campaigning for a over a decade and despite the amazing progress, awareness of sepsis was still frighteningly low.

With that, we aimed to highlight one of the Trust’s greatest assets, Jason Watkins. The BAFTA Award Winning Actor became UKST Ambassador after the tragic loss of his daughter, Maude, to sepsis in 2011. Jason became an avid supporter of the Trust and had been known to share the story of his loss in support of the Trust’s awareness objectives.

With Jason on board, we tried to find suitable way to combine his story with Iceland Foods' awareness efforts. What better way than to have him joined by the retailers CEO, Tarsem Dhaliwal, on a series of home deliveries - quite literally delivering the message to people doors.

With a morning of each contributors time secured, we set out to secure a suitable location and landed on Bristol. Not only was it also home to one of Iceland's home delivery stores but it was local to Emma, another important character we wanted to feature.

Emma is a teacher in a secondary school who delivered lessons about the signs and dangers of sepsis directly from the UKST’s resources. Thanks to these lessons, Emma was able to spot the signs of sepsis in her Mum and as a result, was able to save her life. These lessons had been directly funded by Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation donations, making Emma an ideal contributor for the piece.

Arriving at their first drop, Tarsem delivered a bunch of groceries to and had a doorstep chat with Emma. On hearing her story, Tarsem was honoured to learn that IFCF funding had directly contributed to Emma saving her mother’s life, underlying the importance of early detection and Iceland Foods’ support of the cause with a genuine, heartfelt hug.

Once production had wrapped we quickly got to work in post, delivering a series of cuts to suit the UKST and IFCF’s needs ahead of the campaign launch on World Sepsis Day.


Not only did our video deliver the message, but it delivered results. With organic and paid placements across Digital and Social Media, the UK Sepsis Trust reported record breaking metrics throughout.

What’s more, the wider campaign saw everything from national press coverage, to hundreds of hospitals sharing their own awareness-raising posts to a World Sepsis Day Special delivery.

Our video contributed to that national conversation and we were incredibly proud to play our part. With such an important story shared, we were also happy underwrite the costs of production in support of the cause.


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From the outset Cascade were a delight to work with. They were quick to grasp the brief and translate it into a powerful storyboard. The team not only applied imagination and creativity but also injected the necessary drama in an innovative, arresting way. The outcome was excellent and the video was shared across all social media platforms to great effect. The film was shortlisted as a finalist by the Charity Film Awards earlier this year. We can’t thank Cascade enough!

Joint CEO UK Sepsis Trust


This film was a shortlisted finalist at The Charity Film Awards.

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