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DWF's internal awards ceremony needed shaking up, so alongside the client we gave the awards ceremony the late night talk show treatment, complete with host, set, sofa, studio guests and special segments.

DWF are a legal business services provider 'driven by people'. Despite a global footprint, the organisation makes a concerted effort to recognise colleagues from around the world as if they shared the same office. At the heart of this engagement strategy is the annual internal awards ceremony. The Rubies.

Inaugurated as an annual in-person event in 2019, The Rubies was a chance to bring colleagues from across the business together to celebrate their individual and collective achievements. It was a resounding success, but since the Covid-19 Pandemic this reduced the event to a simple nomination and winners list, posted on a page on the employer’s website. DWF were looking to revitalise the format for the post-Covid world, and that’s where we came in.

The Rubies Highlights


Pre-production began with us pitching several potential routes, but it wasn't long before we landed on a format everyone was excited to explore.

The Rubies ‘Late Night’ Awards Show was set to be an informal, relaxed and light hearted take on recognition in the style of iconic Late Night TV talk shows - imagine The Tonight Show or The Late Show if it had awards and you soon get the gist.

We planned to capture a full programme of nominations and winners revealed in a relaxed studio setting, complete with charismatic hosts and guest banter. The pre-recorded programme would then be streamed to DWF locations around the globe.

Nominees would be shortlisted and notified ahead of time, but the winner would only find out live on the night. That meant we couldn’t have winners on our sofa, so instead we opted for Senior Leaders from related disciplines and departments. They’d join our host for a quick chat to discuss the achievements of those shortlisted and reveal the winner, adding a real sense of scale and significance to the awards.

Following capture, we edited and delivered the finished programme within a week, complete with colour grading, sound mixing, GFX and title design and captions, along with a series of short promo and highlights clips. In total, we delivered over 1.5 hours of video content from just a single day of filming.


DWF were delighted with our reimagining of The Rubies and we received consistent strong anecdotal feedback.

The results proved this fresh take was a welcome opportunity for the global team to reflect on their achievements, recognise their colleagues and to celebrate together.


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The reception to The Rubies was remarkable, and to this day it stands out as one of the most significantly different and innovative things we’ve done in the business.

Communications Manager DWF


The Rubies was shortlisted for Best Internal Film at The Brand Film Awards.

The Rubies was shortlisted for Innovation: Game Changer at the Institute of Internal Communications Awards.

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