As a business we are constantly evolving, and from our early days in 1996 we have always aimed to achieve more than what's possible and to adopt new technologies. We apply this to our virtual event production services, bringing inclusive, coordinated and advanced virtual events to your workforce and beyond. A successful virtual event is about much more than the online-platform, there are specific challenges for presenters and audiences. Our role as virtual event producers is to guide you through those challenges.

Full Service Virtual Event Production

Cascade Productions can do everything from overseeing small components to managing full-scale event production when organising your virtual team building events. We are a full service agency that can take care of the planning, agenda and content development, as well as all of the practicalities and post production debriefs. You choose which part of the virtual event production process you want us on board for.

Naturally, we find that things work better when our virtual event management stretches from end to end, providing better synchronicity across the entire event. Here are just some of the elements we can help with:

  • Planning the event from initial ideas to on-the-day direction

  • Sourcing the ideal studio locations, or converting your offices into a temporary production studio

  • Helping to decide an ideal length for your sessions and event that will capture and maintain attention

  • Create engaging content to enthuse and entertain attendees

  • Support in real time, making sure your virtual event is problem free

  • Supplying all virtual event production technology including cameras, lighting and sound equipment

  • Creating any visuals, films or other corporate storytelling tools

  • Providing post event analysis to measure the success of your event

Virtual Team Building Events

Online virtual event production is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to bring your team together. It’s also a more flexible way for colleagues to enjoy events when working remotely. The traditional office has evolved, and so virtual team building events have taken on greater importance. Enhancing the employee experience through online events that inform, entertain and motivate doesn’t just boost morale, but also unites the workforce.

Tell us why you want to organise an event and we will use our virtual event services to turn ‘the why’ into the what, where and how.

Virtual Event Experts

We are brand experience and virtual event experts. By getting to know your brand and your people, we can coordinate every second of your virtual event and keep it tied to your values.

Your audience is used to consuming high-quality content through their screen; our virtual event production values match TV production standards, ensuring that the technology enhances your event rather than becoming a distraction. That extends to speaker preparation, and separate channels for us to communicate with speakers and panellists before they go live. All of which reduces the stress for the speakers and for you.

We are event producers with experience in planning and delivering virtual team building events and user focused online experiences, including:

  • AGMs

  • Training Seminars

  • Awards Evenings

  • Panel Discussions

  • Teambuilding

  • Networking Events

  • Q&As

  • Conferences

  • Company Updates

To combine the power of in-person events with virtual experiences, have a look at our hybrid events services.

Virtual Event Production With Unlimited Potential

The scale and scope of virtual event production is far greater than a live event. With streaming, social media integration and virtual event platforms, businesses can reach huge audiences internally and externally. Virtual events are more sustainable, cost effective and time efficient than physical events. Our expertise in live events, hybrid events and virtual events enables us to provide expert advice on the best approach for your specific needs.

Not only that, but with post production analytics, you can gauge the actual efficacy of your event. Our virtual event management team can help you to determine the right kind of virtual experience according to your event goals and ideal attendees. Virtual event production opens up a whole new sphere of communication between your business and those that matter to it.

We build, refine, and maintain brands through rigorous strategy and compelling design.

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We combine killer insights with captivating creative for standout Marketing, PR and Social activations.

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We inspire and empower people by evaluating, understanding, nurturing and changing organisational and community cultures.

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We deliver unforgettable events from start to finish; from venues and logistics to content and entertainment.

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We tell captivating stories with production expertise; from concepts, scripting, and storyboards to capture, post-production, and delivery.

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