We’ve been planning and delivering live events for companies across the UK for over 25 years, so we know how to make the seemingly impossible, possible. That’s why we offer event strategy services, and can support with some, or all, of the event planning process. If you want to create a memorable experience for your audience, you’ll need to start with an event marketing strategy.

Why You Need An Event Strategy

Hosting an event is a huge and exciting undertaking, whether it’s an in-person conference, a virtual showcase or an awards evening. Event marketing strategies set you up for success by laying out all of your objectives and then making sure that every part of your experience ties back to them. We concentrate on the outcomes first; this is critical to the success of the event and these outcomes will fall in line with the overall business strategy to tie everything together. The details of your event are the ‘how’, but your event strategy is the ‘why’. From achieving specific KPIs to simply demonstrating exactly what your brand stands for, event marketing strategies help to put the heart into your event.

As brand experience experts, we understand the value in tying everything back to your company's key messages, mission and values. This is why we work with you on an impactful event strategy that will excite you and your audience.

Our Event Strategy Services

You can use our event strategy services for all or just part of your event planning. We support you to deliver the best possible experience, and communicate it in the most effective way. To do that, we work with you on:

Brand - we find out what’s at the heart of your brand and why you want to host your event, making sure your brand experience is brought to life

Planning - planning doesn’t have to be boring, and is integral to the success of your experience. We’ll devise an engaging event strategy that takes care of the big things and the finer details

Customer Journey - we’re audience whisperers, understanding exactly who your customers are and the effect your event will have on them

User Experience Design - creating a meaningful and purposeful experience for users enhances learning, sharing, and motivation, as well as simply making your event more enjoyable

Data & Analysis - looking at past results can help devise an event strategy that improves on what has gone before. We’ll also plan in post-event analysis to evaluate the measurable impact of your latest experience

Audience Research - we proactively research your audience as part of your event strategy to understand who they are and how your event can best serve them

Change - using your event to do good is becoming an increasingly popular element of company event marketing strategies. We can support you in creating sustainable events that affect positive change

Culture - event planning means much more than venue matching and sourcing catering companies. An event strategy will focus on building experiences that improve the culture of your company and enhance the employee experience

Event Strategies Designed Around You

We’re creative thinkers, so we won’t give you off-the-shelf solutions, but ideas and event marketing strategies tailored to your exact needs. That means we’ll ask you lots of questions! Our initial consultation involves discovering everything we can about your business so that our event strategy solutions are completely personal to your brand and goals. We create experiences that are unique, creative and purposeful with defined outcomes that result in happy audiences.

Our event marketing strategies are designed and executed by the same team you meet at the beginning of your experience with us. There isn’t a sales team selling you a product, but actual people with the knowledge and experience to transform spaces, take care of people and bring stories to life.

We build, refine, and maintain brands through rigorous strategy and compelling design.

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We combine killer insights with captivating creative for standout Marketing, PR and Social activations.

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We inspire and empower people by evaluating, understanding, nurturing and changing organisational and community cultures.

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We deliver unforgettable events from start to finish; from venues and logistics to content and entertainment.

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We tell captivating stories with production expertise; from concepts, scripting, and storyboards to capture, post-production, and delivery.

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