A post event report is essential for understanding what went well and what can be improved for future events. Our post event analysis services are designed to provide you with a comprehensive, data-driven insight into your event’s performance, so you can see the real impact of your event.

The Main Event

Whether you’ve delivered a powerful conference, motivating employee experience events or launched a new product, it’s natural to want to know the real results of your efforts. Before we organise your event, work on your film content or start shaping your company culture, we find out what you want to achieve. This means that when it comes to your post event evaluation report, we have real goals to link back to for measurable results that matter.

Your Post Event Report

Every post event evaluation we complete is personalised to the company, the event and the objectives. Each post event report looks a bit different, but includes key metrics and analysis including:

A Detailed Event Summary

We’ll start with a high-level overview of your event, highlighting key achievements and areas for improvement; for example, how many people joined your virtual event or how many people purchased a product. These will be set against the original event objectives and outcomes, and will explain whether the event met its initial objectives and how effectively it delivered on its promises.

Attendee Analysis

The post event report will offer insights into who attended your event, including age, gender, location, and professional background. It will then delve deeper into attendance metrics, including detailed statistics on attendee numbers, check-in times, and session participation rates.

Engagement and Feedback

Gaining real-world feedback from the people who actually attended your event is an invaluable element of our post event analysis. We’ll collect information through post-event surveys and polls, and monitor any social media activity, such as engagement rates, and sentiment analysis related to your event.

Financial Analysis

We’ll provide a detailed comparison of projected and actual expenditures and give you a thorough breakdown of revenue sources, including ticket sales, sponsorships, and merchandise.

Performance Metrics

Post event analysis includes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so we have clear targets to work to. It means we can measure specific KPIs tailored to your event’s goals, such as attendee satisfaction, return on investment (ROI), and brand exposure. Session and speaker performance is also looked at closely, evaluating session attendance, speaker ratings, and audience engagement levels.

Visual Analytics

To make your post event evaluation report easy to digest, we use infographics and charts to clearly and quickly offer visual representations of your event data. We’ll also provide access to interactive custom dashboards that allow you to explore your event’s data in depth.

Make An Impact With Cascade Productions

At Cascade Productions, our experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge to every event, and this goes for post event analysis too. We tailor all of our reports to meet your specific needs and objectives, providing you with the most relevant insights. We also understand the importance of timely feedback, which is why we’ll get your report to you promptly after your event. Once we’ve collected the data and delivered your evaluation, we provide actionable recommendations, so you can make future events even better.

Contact Cascade Productions today to learn more about our event services.

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