Experiential marketing invites potential customers to get to know a brand by participating in their journey. It offers an experience full of genuine touchpoints that people can see, hear, touch and even taste.

To make sure we achieve this for every client, the work starts as soon as we meet you. During pre-production we will dive into every angle of your company and event to understand what you want and how what we create can achieve those goals. We are subjective and candid, and do our research on your audience before the next stage begins. We build customer personas and work through the customer journey to build an event for the people who will experience it. This depth of analysis is what makes the magic happen.

As an experiential agency, we’ve designed events, demos and brand activations that create authentic connections and achieve a desired end goal. Whether that’s increased profitability, brand awareness or customer loyalty, our expertise as an experiential marketing agency has had a meaningful impact for brands across the globe.

An Experiential Agency With A Heart

Successful experiential events leave an impression long after the event itself. With over 25 years’ experience in the events industry, we know that what really matters to people is how an event or experience makes them feel. This is why our experiential agency services start with understanding the heart of your brand.

During our consultation, we’ll uncover the things that make your brand truly unique so that we can create immersive experiential events that make sense to you and your target audience. The Cascade experiential agency team has worked with startup challenger brands and household names to create bespoke experiential events that fit with each company’s individual ethos and vision.

You want an experiential marketing agency that will create the perfect personalised event, not experiential agencies with a one-size-fits-all approach. These are just some of the experiences we have put together:

  • Product Launches

  • Brand Activations
  • Product Sampling
  • Exhibitions
  • B2B Events
  • Promotional Staffing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Employee Engagement

From Concept To Customer

The Cascade Productions experiential agency team draws on our extensive experience in the event industry to build enduring events. Our process looks a little like this:

Consultation - we’ll start with a thorough consultation to find out all about your brand, and conduct research into the type of event we think would work best, as well as looking at trends, insights and your ideal audience

Analysis – Pre-production analysis is critical to what we do. We ask questions you may not think of, because we spend time with different audiences all the time. And more importantly, we enjoy it. We’re nosey, we like talking to new people and learning about new cultures and organisations. It’s our bread and butter. This analysis is what we use to create ideas and concepts that go on to shape your experiential event

Concepts - our experiential agency ideas start to flow and we’ll put together concepts that will deliver your brand message and get you the results you want

Creative - this is when the fun begins and we can start to put together the event itself. We’ll combine sensory stimulation, interactive elements, and up-to-the-minute technology to craft impactful and participatory experiences that bring your corporate story to life

Communication - we’ll be in touch with you throughout the whole process, soundboarding ideas, and confirming arrangements. We’ll also be available during the actual event to make sure it goes without a hitch

Interactions - the end goal for experiential agencies is to promote engagement between brand and consumer. Using live entertainment, interactive displays or hands-on activities, your event will enthuse and motivate so that you get those all-important interactions

Analytics - we’re an experiential marketing agency that understands after-event analysis is just as vital as the preparations. We’ll provide valuable insights to measure the impact of our experiential campaigns, alongside ROI metrics that make sense

We build, refine, and maintain brands through rigorous strategy and compelling design.

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We combine killer insights with captivating creative for standout Marketing, PR and Social activations.

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We inspire and empower people by evaluating, understanding, nurturing and changing organisational and community cultures.

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We deliver unforgettable events from start to finish; from venues and logistics to content and entertainment.

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We tell captivating stories with production expertise; from concepts, scripting, and storyboards to capture, post-production, and delivery.

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