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My experience of Social Interaction

Before becoming an event professional, I worked as a TV Producer for many years. One of the reasons I pursued my career in television was because of people. I loved the adventure of meeting new people, getting to know them and delving deep into their lives. Working across the world, I encountered a lot of unique people but most of all I loved understanding their experiences and telling their story in different ways.

Moving from television into events was a natural transition for me. Managing our video department and producing live events was challenging but rewarding.

I’ve had great experiences of social interaction because of the fantastic industry I work in, watching delegates sample a product for the first time and seeing complete jubilation on their faces, creating extraordinary experiences for incentive winners who could never have imagined the adventure they were taken on and producing messages and content that change the face of businesses with long lasting internal engagement.

My experience of Social Interaction

People gatherings, engagement, experiences, environments are all key to our jobs, but the face of our industry has changed, certainly for the foreseeable future. Not gathering people together, creating experiences and telling live stories feels wrong and is still an adjustment. Our industry is built on face to face interaction, there’s nothing more satisfying than building an event and seeing the look on the delegates faces - so many times have we worked on a challenging event that doesn’t always go our way but as soon as you see those happy, excited, stunned and unforgettable faces it makes everything worthwhile.

My encounters with social interaction have been quite noteworthy.

We are experienced in Livestreaming and virtual events and have been doing this for years, experienced Producers engage your audience as if they were in the same room together. Using a variety of content and platforms we create a TV studio feel with your presenters and messages. We expect virtual events to continue and strengthen but the need for real face to face interaction will still be craved.

Getting used to our new normal isn’t an overnight change, I’m still trying to reprogram my brain which is met with some reluctance. However, I do know that there is an opportunity to be created, changing the way we work into something we would have never imagined brings challenges, but it also brings innovation and creativity.

We’re all becoming familiar with some of the technology needed for remote communications, but true engagement still needs to be produced - great online meetings come through creative expertise supported by technology.

We’re looking forward to the time when we have hundreds of people gathered together but for now we’re reinventing the new normal.


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