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Coronavirus: working from home

In these uncertain times, we have to ensure we look after our employees and future proof our businesses. We have a responsibility to our industry to keep momentum, but we also have a responsibility to our employees.

Having routinely worked in the ‘cloud’ and remotely for 10 years, we’re prioritising this more than ever. We offer flexible working for our staff and have robust methods in place to ensure we can work remotely and still remain productive.

This week we have created split teams enabling all staff members to work from home as well as being able to still come into the office if they wish. This is a precaution should things escalate in the coming weeks but will ensure service continuity for our clients during this unsettling period.

The use of video conferencing is in place with regular ‘cloud’ meeting rooms open for all staff members to join, connect and continue to create the things we love and keep our business productive.  

We have tailored apps that link our land lines to our mobile phones so we’ll never miss client calls and have set up remote editing software systems enabling our video department to continue working efficiently from any location. Webinars and live streaming continue to be an excellent replacement for live events, during this time, and we are fully equipped to move when we need too.

We have created portable and lightweight filming solutions that enable our team to ‘grab and go’ should we need to film a message on the fly. Key members of the team have compact kits located with them at all times ready to work in teams or alone should we need to communicate important messages - which we must keep on doing! Limiting engagement and being unresponsive to staff poses more threat and uncertainty in a time where we need to reassure and work together.  

Responding to diverse and complicated briefs is what makes our industry great and there is no other challenge greater than what we need to respond to now. Enabling our staff to feel safe whilst still doing what we love and fulfilling our clients needs is our priority.


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