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Back to the office

After months of working from home, something I’ve long thought of as a treat - time to myself, no questions asked, complete focus and freedom I’ve found myself longing for my desk within the office.

Working from the dining room table can only fill my productivity for so long. I keep hearing people talk about working from home once things get back to ‘normal’, that going into the office will be minimal. Whilst I agree that working from home should be available to employees and it does serve a purpose, the moment I walked back into the office gave me more of a boost than I’ve had in the last 3 months.

Our industry has been hit so hard and it’s devastating to see so much work lost, so being in an environment that is creative and stimulating amongst like minded people - actually seeing people’s faces, their expressions, not a glitchy internet connection where I can’t feel people’s interactions and emotions has a huge impact on our work.

I’m thankful, as I know so many are, for the ability to Zoom and FaceTime but nothing can replace a real conversation, an ongoing conversation through the day where you can read people and be enlightened by their behaviour and opinions.

Whilst our office is small, we’ve made it a creative space to learn and challenge what we do. Never have I been more excited to turn our alarm off, wipe my desk and start my day. We’ve been thinking, reading and researching for the past however many weeks. We’ve not been impulsive and jumped to a virtual life but have been more thoughtful and contemplative about how we truly innovate the industry and guide our clients through the year ahead.

We’re developing some exciting projects and we’ll be communicating updates in the coming weeks detailing how we will navigate messaging, content and creativity to engage teams at the right moment.


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