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We were commissioned to tell the story of some of the most successful branches within the business. Inspiring and engaging, Brand Managers were recognised for their outstanding performance.

MKM 2.jpg


Three Managers were identified as running some of the most successful branches within the business. 

These included locations in Perth, Kings Lynn and Lincoln. Our camera crew were on the road for 5 days travelling around the country to capture these three unique stories. 

We worked with the client to understand the business but also the Branch Manager to understand their unique story. The timeline behind each film illustrated the day to day running of the branch but at the heart of each film were the people. 

MKM 1.jpg

Each Manager had a different story to tell, that was brought out and enhanced by our Director who spent a number of weeks refining the stories to enhance the interviews. 


We edited all the films which shown at the Annual Brand Managers Conference and inspired hundreds of other Managers across the business. 

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