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Creating and producing a long lasting culture capture

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MKM is unique, their employees are at the heart of the business and customer relationships are a priority. 

We wanted to capture these key elements so they were at the forefront of the culture video we produced. 

Having worked with the client for a long time, we understood their values, how they work and how they build their relationships with their customers. 

We captured a number of branches to give a rounded picture of the business, as well as working with Central Services to understand how they support the UK wide branches. 

Filming in 4K we shot the day to day business as well as supporting this with moving portraits to enhance the style. 

MKM 1.jpg

As well as creating crisp imagery, it was our job to pull together the narrative - what it really means to be a part of the business. 

The film was used during a virtual conference and shared amongst all employees. Employees were connected through the joint experience (filming) and watching together, to give them something tangible that would reconnect them. 

The whole process quietly reinforces the organisational culture and the sense of belonging, as well as creating valuable communication assets for recruitment and training.

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