What to expect after graduation

I graduated with a degree in Event Management at the age of 21, and if I had the chance to talk to my younger self, about what to expect from the career ahead of her, this is what I would say:

Experience is everything

Right at the very top of the list is experience – get as much experience as possible. In my opinion, there is only a certain number of lessons you can learn about events, before you have to get out there and live it. You can learn all the theory you want about queuing systems, but until you are faced with a growing crowd of excited party goers, you don’t understand the importance of a tried and tested, thought through plan.

No two events are the same

‘Best laid plans’ and all that – even if you plan for every last part of your event to be a repeat of a previous event; the same venue, the same entertainment, the same menu, there are always elements that you have no control over; the weather, the guests and even the traffic can drastically change the running of your event from one day to the next. Embrace the changes and don’t forget to always have a wet weather plan!

Trust your instincts

If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not. Even as a junior event planner working with a more experienced team, it’s impossible for those running the event to see every single problem. If you spot a problem, speak up and you’ll be thanked! And once you’ve made it to the position of running an event, even when you’ve spent months building spreadsheets and table plans, once you get to site – if those plans don’t work in real life, don’t be afraid to change them – the event will benefit!

Learn from those in the industry

The event industry is full of amazing people who have worked for decades to hone their specific craft. From show callers, to sound and lighting engineers, caterers to set builders – each area will be brimming with experience – lean on this experience and use it to your advantage. Learn from those around you and take those lessons into your next event.

Appreciate what you’ve achieved

We are extremely lucky to experience the events we dream up – we get to see the creative plans come to life right before our eyes. Don’t forget to take a moment in the madness to appreciate what you have achieved. No picture or edit will ever replace living in those experiences.


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