What are retail events?

A retail event is an experience, promotion or special occasion organised by retailers and event planners to celebrate and attract customers in store. The best retail events not only offer an on-the-day experience, but also continue to reap rewards long after. There are all kinds of retail events and the one you choose will depend on your target customer, the retail sector you’re in and practical things like how much space you have. In-store retail events are the norm, as they get customers on site, in front of your products and create a sense of urgency.

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Why organise a retail event?

The question could well be ‘why not organise a retail event?’ Aside from the potential upturn in sales on the day, there are multiple ways in which in-store retail events keep on giving. These are just a few of the reasons why hosting a retail event is worth it:

Beat the competition

Standing out from the crowd is important for any industry but, in retail, where there can be stiff competition, it's even more important. Retail events create a buzz around your brand and set your business apart from the rest of the names on the high street.


If you’ve got a point of difference that you want to shout about, hosting a retail event will help you spread the word about what makes your business unique. It also puts you in people’s minds, highlighting what you’re good at and why they should shop with you.

Brand Awareness

Building a brand takes hard work but it pays to put the time in. Having an instantly recognisable brand name and logo nurtures consumer trust and gets people coming back. The best retail events will put you at the head of the conversation.

Customer Loyalty

As well as cultivating customer loyalty via that all-important brand awareness element, a retailer that gives back to customers and is known for great experiences is one that people want to shop with.


The increased footfall that comes with a retail event should mean more tills ringing. The event itself will attract shoppers into store, but the factors mentioned above should also result in an ongoing boost to sales.

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A new store opening, refurbishment or a new product is something retailers should shout about. In-store retail events are another way to advertise and showcase what you have to offer. They can also be more cost-effective than other avenues when planned properly.

Our retail event ideas

We’ve produced a huge amount of events and not one of them has been the same. The best retail events will be ones that are personal to your brand and give your audience exactly what they want. Here are 7 potential retail event ideas to help get you started:

Giveaways and Competitions

In-store competitions and giveaways are a simple and cost-effective way to drive custom into your store. You can get the competition started online with mail outs and social media promotions in the lead-up to the in-store event, then announce the winner on the day. You might have an MC or some entertainment alongside your giveaway to create some excitement for shoppers.

Workshops and Demonstrations

Workshops and demonstrations are great retail events if you have a product to showcase. They’re also ideal if you have seasonal merchandise and want to leverage marketing opportunities around events like Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Food tasters, make-up masterclasses or cooking how-tos work really well.

Interactive Experiences

People love to get involved and try things for themselves, which is why interactive and experiential retail events are always popular. Book signings or meet and greets are just two of the ways you can have customers interact with your product and with a person of interest. Memorable experiences like this stick in consumer minds, fostering brand awareness and loyalty.


Good entertainment is always a crowd-pleaser. Whether it’s hiring celebrity lookalikes or hosting a fashion show, putting on a retail event that captures shoppers’ attention goes a long way. You can integrate technology into your entertainment package too, with corporate videos that tell your story or event filming to record your retail event for use on other platforms.


Giving back to the local or wider community is one of the best retail events for businesses who want to do something rewarding. A fundraiser doesn’t just help charities, but it has the added bonus of producing a feel-good factor. You’ll boost customer interaction and enhance your employee experience into the bargain.


Collaborations can take many forms, whether it’s working with influencers on a brand activation or hosting a pop-up shop with complementary brands. You could also partner with local businesses for joint promotions in your local area.

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Launching something new is an exciting time. Launch events can include soft launching your new business, a grand opening or showcasing a brand new product. You can send VIP invites prior to the event if you want to target a specific clientele or choose an open day where anyone and everyone can get involved. New launches can be in-store retail events or happen elsewhere, for example at a conference. There’s a lot you can do with a launch event, making it a really fun retail event opportunity.

Retail events from Cascade Productions

The best retail events are the ones that have been planned and executed with total precision. Even if the product or experience is a relaxed one, making sure that everything is going to go exactly as you want it guarantees the best outcome. Using a retail event agency dots the ‘i’ and crosses the ‘t’ for you.

At Cascade Productions, we have over two decades of experience putting together events for everyone from big brand names to complete start-ups. We’ve helped them to launch products, reward staff and give back to customers. Contact us to find out how we can help you deliver a commercially successful and meaningful retail event.


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